New Release: ‘Hats’

Barbara Pyett’s background is as a special education teacher. For the last two decades she has been a writer living in Victoria, Australia. She shares her fantasy world with her childhood friend and partner. They unite in their fascination with dreams which germinate ideas for stories. Barbara writes as Christopher paints. Their idyllic life-style has been enhanced with nine grandchildren, who continue to inspire further stories.

Barbara’s first children’s book, ‘Lily’s Wish,’ was published by New Frontier Publishers in 2011. It is an early childhood Christmas picture book. Lily lives in the UK and writes to Santa asking for wings, so that she can fly. She misses her Grandmother in Australia and wants to be able to fly to visit her.

‘Hats,’ an early childhood picture book, released on 30 September 2021 by Austin Macauley. This children’s book of poems was inspired by the game of hats she played with her own children. The game includes all age groups which in itself becomes a learning tool for little ones to increase their vocabulary. Hats is illustrated by Vinh Tran with quirky, vibrant illustrations which are anime inspired.

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