Review for ‘Hats’

Barbara Pyett’s story, Hats, is a delightful book, with a jaunty rhyming text and clear, bold illustrations. The book starts with a question – When I grow up, what shall I be? Several children imagine who they will be, and what kind of hat that they will wear. When I grow up, I’ll be a builder and work with my best friend, Matilda. Will they be a baker, a beekeeper, a gardener, – a vet…?
The lively text invites shared reading.
· Read one line then stop before the end of the next line and ask the children to fill in the missing word. e.g. Gardening is a job for me, planting flowers for all to … (see)
· At the end of the book list of ‘hat’ words (with illustrations), and a ‘Hats Game’ is included – Lots of opportunities for conversation and shared learning about what and who you can be ‘when you grow up.’.

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