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Barbara Pyett is the author of Lily’s Wish and Hats. Her books are influenced by her background in special education and spending time with her nine grandchildren.

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Review for ‘Hats’

Barbara Pyett’s story, Hats, is a delightful book, with a jaunty rhyming text and clear, bold illustrations. The book starts with a question – When I grow up, what shall I be? Several children i ........

Hats Review

“Hats” by Barbara Pyett is a delightfully rhyming story about what children might be when they grow up.  Barbara uses a variety of hats to describe career possibilities, through the eyes of chil ........

Review for Hats

Barbara’s Children’s book, Hats, portrays, with engaging illustrations, options for children to choose from when asked the question, ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ The fun aspect for ........


HATS – by Barbara Pyett

After reading Hats, I felt a littler lighter. Barbara Pyett’s rhyming poetic style fills us with a warm sense of fun. With words rolling off the tongue, especially easy to reread, again and agai ........

New Release: ‘Hats’

Barbara Pyett’s background is as a special education teacher. For the last two decades she has been a writer living in Victoria, Australia. She shares her fantasy world with her childhood frien ........


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